Art Jam - Artist Contract

Thank you for agreeing to present as part of our second season of ArtJam! ArtJam is designed to connect children and families with professional artists and expand their understanding of what art is and can be. We’re so excited you’ll be apart of it!

ArtJam Details

Please read the following carefully, and let Aymie Smith, our Programs Coordinator know if you have any questions:

Date: The date of your program will be set with our Programs Coordinator

Time: ArtJam is always held on one Saturday a month 1pm - 3pm, please arrive at the Museum no later than 12:30pm to set up for your program.

Audience: The audience ranges in age from 3 year olds to 12 year olds and their caregivers. On average we expect 20 - 30 participants.

Format: We have found the best format for ArtJam is to give a brief introduction about yourself and how you became an artist, or started creating the type of art that you do, followed by hands-on art making. Our visitors may come and go through the program time, so short snippets of information partnered with a tactile/kinesthetic activity (eg: painting, sculpture creation, flower arranging, dance party) is ideal.

Space: Art Jam is held in Ella’s Art Studio. The room contains four short, hexagonal tables, two 6ft folding tables, and 20 medium-sized chairs. We can set-up provide electricity and access to water, we also have a small tv screen that can be used to play a video or show photographs.

Stipend: Thanks to Creative Sonoma , we can offer a $500 stipend for your program. You will receive a separate W9 form from our Bookkeeper; which must be completed in order to receive payment. You may also wish to forfeit your stipend. If you choose to do this, we will send you an in-kind acknowledgement letter for your tax purposes.

Supplies: We have many supplies on site that can be made available for use during your program, please let us know ahead of time what you’ll need. We can reimburse supplies up to a maximum of $200, but you must submit receipts/invoice to to receive a reimbursement check.

ArtJam! Contract

Please fill out the contract form below to confirm your Science Spark program at the Children's Museum of Sonoma County
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This will be used for advertising
Please let us know what you will need access to for your program
For example: - What type of computer or tablet will you bring with you. This will ensure we have the correct connector. - Do you need the tables for visitors to sit at, or to use around the room as activity stations - Will you bring an activity or item that needs special assistance or care?
Please read the following carefully, by checking the box you agree to our Science Spark policies
I agree to the above date and time for my ArtJam program, I understand it will be publicized.
I will give at least two weeks notice if I am unable to deliver my program (for non-emergency reasons)
Stipend: We make every effort to have your $500 stipend check ready for you on the day of your program.
Supply reimbursement

Science Spark is generously sponsored by the Farley Family Charitable Foundation