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Press Democrat, August 21, 2015, by Mary Callahan

Press Democrat, May 1, 2015, by Dan Taylor

Press Democrat, April 14, 2015, by Beth Schlanker

"Children's Museum settles into new home"

Argus-Courier, September 1, 2014, by Annie Sciacca

"Can you holiday in one of the world’s top wine regions with kids?  Of course!"

Brit Mums (UK), August 30, 2014 by Susanna Scott

San Francisco Chronicle, July 9, 2014 by Matt Villano

"With more than 400 wineries, Sonoma County, Calif., might be known as an oenophile destination, but the region is making a big push to also draw in families with several attractions and events."

New York Times Online, June 17, 2014 by SHIVANI VORA

Press Democrat, March 28, 2014 by Mary Callahan

Sonoma Family Life Magazine, March 2014 Issue, by Karen Gastaldo-Grafe

"Museum for kids taking shape"

Press Democrat, October 21, 2013 by Mary Callahan

"Suddenly, a river runs through it"
Press Democrat, October 14, 2013 by Chris Smith

"Crews to build mini Russian River in SR"
The Community Voice, Monday October 14, 2013

"Young, Old Celebrate Start of New Children's Museum"
Press Democrat, June 2, 2013, by Mary Callahan

"Children's Museum Finally Finds a Home: Founder's Dream Becomes Reality"

Sonoma Family Life Magazine, January 2013 Issue, by Anna Freeman

Kenwood Press, November 1, 2012, Photo by Sarah C. Phelps

Sonoma Index-Tribune, October 22, 2012, by Bill Hoban

Press Democrat, October 6, 2012, by Chris Smith

Press Democrat, May 2, 2012, by Mary Callahan

Press Democrat, April 22, 2012, by Chris Smith

"One Step Closer to a Children's Museum that will Teach and Amaze"

Press Democrat, March 13, 2012, by Chris Smith

"Medical Mysteries: At Sonoma Children's Museum"

San Francisco Chronicle, February 9, 2012, by Matt Villano

"Inspiring the Next Generation"

Northbay BIZ Magazine, January 2012 Issue, by Juliet Porton

"Museum Makes Science Fun", January 5, 2012, by Colleen Rustad for the Argus-Courier

"Explore and Play: SoCo Children's Museum Plans New Expanded Location"

North Bay Bohemian, November 30, 2011, by Anna Freeman

Press Democrat, October 10, 2010, by Chris Smith

"Mobile children's museum to take root next to Schulz museum"

Press Democrat, September 28, 2010, by Chris Smith

"Youth museum moves closer to having a home"

Press Democrat, September 18, 2009, by Mary Callahan

"Mobile museum comes to kids"

Press Democrat, June 17, 2009, by Mary Callahan

" A place where 'no' doesn't exist"

Press Democrat, September 2, 2005, by Janet Parmer

"Plans under way for children's museum"

Argus Courier, August 24, 2005, by Dan Johnson