Legacy Giving

Gardens & Grounds

The Museum’s gardens and grounds are the perfect setting in which to
honor a loved one, pay tribute to a friend or mark a special anniversary
or milestone.  Several styles of seating are available and vary by
location.  Commemorative signage recognizing your gift is placed near
or within the feature.

Tree Stump Stools $1,000               
Trees $2,500
Picnic Tables $5,000         

* Redwood, Live Oak, Chinese Elm, etc.

Planned Giving

You can help sustain the work of the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County while maximizing your own financial program through planned gifts.  Many options exist to allow you to provide ongoing support to the Museum that provide substantial tax and/or income benefit for you.  Your own financial and tax advisors working with the Museum can explore and arrange these types of gifts.

Types of Estate Planning Instruments Used To Make Bequests

Most people who make bequests do so through their wills.  If you already have a
will, you can add a bequest to the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County
(CMOSC) by means of a simple document called a codicil.  In some cases, 
donors who have revocable living trusts choose to make a future gift to CMOSC
through the equivalent of a bequest, namely a charitable distribution provision in
the trust agreement.  Usually, an existing trust agreement can easily be amended
to include such a provision.  Regardless of the instrument you use, be sure to
seek the assistance of your attorney.  Sample bequest language may be found here.