Making at the Museum

What is Making?

Making is way of learning that is learner-centered. With the help of a facilitator, makers design, build, customize, and revise their creations.   

Maker Philosophy

Creating with Purpose

Makers design with a plan in mind! Or at least an idea and some curiosity. If things do not work as expected, they explore other ways to make their creation work for them. Often times, makers must revise and retest their ideas multiple times before the final result emerges.

Building a Community

Makers work alongside other makers; this gives everyone the opportunity to collaborate with each other and find inspiration for their own work. Sharing your ideas, process, or work helps to cultivate a community of participants. Adult facilitators guide makers in their exploration and offer support when makers get stuck.

Developing Life Skills

Maker activities encourage makers to problem solve, think critically, and become their own experts. In making, there are often no step-by-step instructions or an expert with all the answers to demonstrate that learning is not always a linear process. With the help of facilitators, makers work though failure and frustration and embrace their mistakes. It is the moments after a failure that can often lead to a large breakthrough and understanding.    

Maker Projects

Discover fun maker activities to do at home or in the classroom!

Maker Resources

Books and websites with more information about making.

About this Maker Webpage

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