Museum-on-the-Go FAQs

  • What is the Museum-on-the-Go?

    The Museum-on-the-Go is an outreach program of the Children's Museum of Sonoma County. MOG, as it's affectionately known, travels to schools and libraries to teach about science concepts and invite exploration.

  • Does the Museum-on-the-Go provide assemblies to schools?

    Unfortunately, the Museum-on-the-Go does not give assemblies to large groups of students. Our focus on hands-on exploration is better suited for one class of students at a time.

  • What can I expect during a visit from the Museum-on-the-Go to my school?

    During a day-long visit to a school, our professional educators welcome one class at a time to a space in your school where they have set up exhibits and science learning activities. Five or six classes daily can rotate through the Museum-on-the-Go in 45 minute class sessions. During each class session, educators will first engage students in a fun and standards-aligned lesson. Afterwards, students will play and learn with exhibits for about 25 minutes. Educators wrap up the session with a final demonstration and questions and answers.

  • What can I expect during a visit from the Museum-on-the-Go to my library?

    A Museum-on-the-Go visit to libraries is much like a school visit. Educators adjust their lesson's complexity and length to meet the needs of their audience and leave plenty of time for play.

  • How many classes can you see during a visit to schools?

    During a one-day visit, we can see 5 or 6 classes.

  • Are the Museum-on-the-Go programs standards-aligned?

    Yes, each of the Museum-on-the-Go programs are designed with several of the Next Generation Science Standards in mind and encourage students to make meaning out of the science phenomena that they observe.

  • Does a school hosting the Museum-on-the-Go need to provide volunteers?

    No, Museum-on-the-Go staff is responsible for all of the set-up and break-down of exhibits. Parents are always welcome to attend, but volunteers are not necessary.

  • What type of space is suitable for a Museum-on-the-Go visit?

    Any large, furniture-free space is suitable for the Museum-on-the-Go's exhibits. We have set up in schools' MPRs, unused classrooms, gyms, and libraries.

  • What days of the week is the Museum-on-the-Go available for visits?

    We visit schools and libraries on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please see the calendar on this page for availability.

  • Who can I contact with more questions?

    Please email and we will be happy to answer any lingering questions.

Please contact our School and Community Programs Coordinator with additional questions at or call 707-546-4069 x113.