Museum on-the-Go | Schools Request Form

This is only a request form, not a confirmation of scheduling, you will be contacted to confirm your requested dates.

PLEASE NOTE: There are limitations around scheduling and number of classes. In an effort to speed up your booking process, please pay close attention to the guidelines under each question on the form. 

Organization Address *
Organization Address
Name of group organizer submitting application *
Name of group organizer submitting application
Phone number to reach organizer on day of visit *
Phone number to reach organizer on day of visit
If your dates are flexible, please let us know. Please note if you prefer a specific month or day of the week.
Museum on the Go Program Options
Please pay attention to the class size and scheduling limitations for the program you're requesting: • Our programs work best with 24 students or less. Please let us know if your class size differs so we can plan accordingly. • Set up needs to be in a room that can be used for all sessions (i.e. an empty classroom, the gym, the MPR, the library) • We ask that there be no more than 10 minutes between each session except for a 45 – 60 minute lunch if we are staying for 4 or more sessions in one day. • Museum on-the-Go Lite can accommodate 3 classes per day.
Acceptable spaces include: The MPR, library, empty classroom or gym.
The closer we are to the room where we will set up, the better. We are happy to move the van to a parking space after loading/unloading.
Support is contingent upon the availability of funds and level of need. We cannot guarantee or predict the availability of funds.
Would you like CMOSC to consider your organization for scholarship funding? *
If scholarship funding is not available would you still like to make a reservation while you pursue other funding options?
CONSIDERATIONS: Is there anything else we need to know about your group?
In order to bring the Museum-on-the-Go to your school for more than one day, we require a lockable, empty space to set up our exhibits and hold our class sessions. Schools often house the Museum-on-the-Go sessions in a library, in an MPR, on a stage, or in unused classroom space. *
If I need to cancel my visit, I will let the Museum know via email at least 4 weeks in advance. The Museum reserves the right to charge 50% of the total reservation fee if you do not notify us of your cancellation four weeks in advance. *
The Museum needs access to the following resources: Electricity, water, staff to unlock/provide access to the space, schedule of class sessions
The Museum asks that the school coordinator work with Museum staff to arrange a written schedule for class sessions with-in two weeks of their scheduled visit, and notifies all teachers of their scheduled time, and expectations of the program. *
You will be given a sample schedule, with guidelines to help create your schools schedule, once your date and programs are confirmed.
Teachers are asked to arrive on time to their session. We cannot extend program sessions if a teacher arrives late.
Teachers (or substitute teachers) must remain with their class at all times.