Museum Rules & Guidelines

For the safety of our guests, adults are not allowed in the Museum without children, and all children must be with an adult (18 and over) at all times.

CMOSC requests that all visitors provide at least one adult caregiver for every 4 children.

All children must be accompanied by an adult over 18 AT ALL TIMES. Please do not leave your child unattended or unsupervised anywhere inside the Museum.

Adults unaccompanied by children will not be allowed inside the Museum unless special arrangements have been made with Museum staff ahead of time.

Visitors can be stamped at the front desk if they wish to leave the Museum and come back later that day.

Strollers are not allowed in our indoor exhibit spaces.

Shoes must be kept on at all times.

No wading is allowed in the Russian River Exhibit. The water in the Russian River Exhibit and water play area is non-potable. Don't drink it.

Food is allowed in the picnic area ONLY.

Animals are not allowed in the Museum unless they are a licensed service animal.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Museum property, including the parking lot.

Abusive and obscene language is prohibited.

Alcohol, nuts, glass bottles, and weapons are not permitted on the premises.