PEEK mobile exhibits are designed for interactivity and are located at a local Sonoma County library. Families can access hands-on science exhibits free-of-charge during browsing hours and thanks to varying configurations, PEEK can change to feature different activities that keep the experience dynamic over multiple visits.

Because libraries are free, safe, and neutral spaces, they naturally attract a diverse family audience – the same one that might have barriers to visiting the permanent location of the Museum.

Get Involved with PEEK! 

PEEK puts family interactivity into community:

  • Guarantees free access to learning opportunities for children & their caregivers

  • Removes barriers to accessing these learning opportunities

  • Closes the “gap” in performance between advantaged and disadvantaged children

  • Provides joyful experiences for families to connect

    Bringing the Museum experience through PEEK to local neighborhoods at no cost allows families to safely explore new concepts, test fun ideas and connect in meaningful ways through a shared activity.