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The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

Our mission is to inspire curiosity and creativity in children through joyful transformative experiences.

Designed for children ages ten and younger, the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County offers hands-on, interactive exhibits and activities focused on art, nature and science.

Contact for press inquiries:

Collette Michaud, Founder and CEO

707.546.4069   |

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Museum on-the-Go Press Kit

Museum on-the-Go Logo

Museum on-the-Go Logo

Pop-up Play Logo

Pop-up Play Logo


MOG to Schools

The Museum-on-the-Go brings hands-on exhibits and experiences to your school site to get students excited about science.  We can serve between 2 and 12 classes and topics range from Forces and Motion to Earth Science.

MOG to Community

The Museum-on-the-Go brings amazing hands-on exhibits and experiences to select community events throughout the year. Whether we usher in the winter with temperature experiments, fly a balloon with the heat of the sun, or collaborate on a fantastic art piece, the Museum-on-the-Go is all about connecting to our community and learning through play.

Pop-up PLAY

The Museum-on-the-Go brings a variety of loose parts and other materials to design, imagine, and create almost anything. From cardboard appliances boxes and large swaths of fabric to bottle caps and wood bits with glue, Pop-up PLAY is all about imagination and exploration.

Museum-on-the-Go Photos coming soon!