Museum-on-the-Go Quotes

What teachers, students, business people and parents are saying about the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County…

Open Letter of Support for Children's Museum of Sonoma County


“This program brings outstanding opportunity for all children to learn in the best possible way…playing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Ana Martinez, 2nd Grade Teacher

Flowery Elementary School, Sonoma


"This was fabulous and the kids loved it!  It as exciting to see experiments they had done (napkin in glass).  We study matter in 1st grade.  Air is the hardest state to show with the curriculum we have.  Your exhibits showed air in action & kids were able to interact with it in a fun way!  Thanks!"

-1st Grade Teacher

Mc Dowell Elementary School, Petaluma


“Thank you <Children’s Museum of Sonoma County> so much.  I work with special needs students, specifically an autistic student this year.  First, he was so engaged in listening that he stayed focused through the lesson.  When I returned to find him interacting with other students and science related activities <it> was exciting.  I actually witnessed him introduce himself to one of your presenters (Theresa).

Unless you understand autism, you won’t know that this is unusual and very exciting for me to witness.  

I think the experience of the small group hands-on learning that stresses cause and effect, all the physical stuff he could integrate with the knowledge was perfect for a student like him – it was like watching him bloom for a minute, then go back in a shell.  

So- thanks again. I believe some of our students don’t go to museums – plus, people were there to explain – in a museum you have to read or figure it out.

Please come again.  Especially go see poor kids!”

Donna Baker, Instructional assistant, Exceptional Child
Somoma Valley Unified School District
Sassarini School, Sonoma Ca


”My class was so excited by the opportunity to partake in the experience.  The sheer delight on their faces and squeals of excitement made my entire year!  Thank you!"

-Billie Perez, Kindergarten Teacher

Sassarini Elementary School


"Very hands on, engaging and curriculum oriented"

Anna Solano 6th grade teacher

Roseland Elementary School


"I used to not really like science but now I love it! They changed my life. Now I think science is really cool and oxygen also."

Amairani 6th grade


"Air is strong. Air is cool. Air is amazing"

Daniel (student)

"I never knew air could be so fun”

Alfonso 4th grade

“I am the grandma.  The grandkids live in San Jose but they had a ball on Sunday.”

-Grandma at Museum-on-the-Go Event at Sonoma County Museum


“My kids are almost 6 and just turned 4, they absolutely loved all the activities and always enjoy the museum on the go. Soco needs some sort of learning based activity center for kids!”

-Parent at Museum-on-the-Go Event at Sonoma County Museum


“Play is the most important process in the intellectual development of young children.  The proposed Children’s Museum offers the opportunity for this exploration, creativity, and joy. How magnificent it would be to honor our youngest citizens by giving them a central place for all of this to happen.”

–Margaret Potts, Kindergarten Teacher for over 22 years

McNear Elementary School, Petaluma