School Visits from Museum-on-the-Go

Sponsored by the Children's Museum of Sonoma County, the Museum-on-the-Go brings hands-on science to schools.  A visit from the Museum-on-the-Go gets students in grades K-6 learning about science topics, ranging from air to vibration to electricity, through hands-on exploration! Exhibits are set up and broken down by Museum staff. Teacher's Guide is included for pre- and post- visit curriculum enhancement.

Photos thanks to Leila Bierbaum


Forces and Motion (K to 4th grade)

Discover how Newton’s Laws, pushes and pulls, friction, and gravity work together to move and stop things. Each group's session begins with interactive demonstrations, concept building, and vocabulary review. Young scientists then enjoy 20 minutes of exploration and experimentation with our hands-on exhibits. The session concludes with questions, answers, and a final demonstration.  

Download the Forces & Motion Teacher Guide

What's the Matter (1st and 2nd grades)

Solids, liquids and gasses, oh my!  Matter is all around us and this program introduces the different states of matter and the ways that matter can change states. A class that visits the Museum-on-the-Go learns about matter through demonstrations and a movement game.  Students then explore exhibits and make their own discoveries.  The Museum-on-the-Go educators wrap up each session with a final demonstration and a few minutes for Q&A.

Download the What's the Matter Teacher Guide

Electric Science (4th to 6th grades)

Students make powerful connections when they complete circuits, learn about conductivity, and power LEDs with batteries.   We begin each group session with three experiments demonstrated by two Museum-on-the-Go educators. After a brief introduction to the hands-on exhibits, the students have approximately 20 minutes of free exploration and learning. We end the group session with a closing demonstration followed by questions and answers. 

Download the Electric Science Teacher Guide

Museum-on-the-Go Calendar

Fees and Pricing

Number of Days/SessionsStudents Served *ApproximatelyCostCost Per Student
1 day/5 sessions150$800$5.30
2 days/10 sessions300$1,300$4.30
3 days/15 sessionsplease inquire

Schools In Need

Qualifying schools demonstrating a 60% or higher socio-economically disadvantaged population are eligible for funding through our Access for School Kids (ASK) program.

Apply for a Museum-on-the-Go scholarship for my school:

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, we can offer a limited number of scholarships to schools who need assistance accessing our field trip programs. Apply for a Museum-on-the-Go scholarship application, here.

Museum-on-the-Go FAQs


What is the Museum-on-the-Go?

The Museum-on-the-Go, or MOG as it's affectionately known, is a mobile program of the Children's Museum of Sonoma County.  Our van is ready to bring science exhibits, hands-on exploration, engaging educators, and scientific fun to your school. 


Do you put on assemblies for the whole school?  

No, we see classes individually.  


What's the format of a class visit like?

Seeing classes individually allows for more hands-on learning and student engagement.  Each class visits the Museum-on-the-Go for 45 minutes, which includes 15 minutes of demonstrations and concept building, 20 minutes of exploration, and 10 minutes of wrap-up, Q&A, and final demonstrations. 

How many classes can you see in one day?

We can provide 5 or 6 class sessions during each day.

Are parent volunteers required?

No, we don't require parent volunteers for Museum-on-the-Go presentations, but welcome family members that want to volunteer. 


Where will the Museum-on-the-Go set up?

Each school that we visit has the Museum-on-the-Go set up in a different space.  Some spaces that we've used for class presentations include MPRs, libraries, extra classrooms, and resource rooms.  We require a lockable room to store our exhibits overnight.

In order to start presentations at the beginning of the school day, staff sets up exhibits on the afternoon of the day before class sessions begin.


Who can answer other questions about the Museum-on-the-Go?

Please contact the Outreach Coordinator with additional questions at or call 707-546-4069.