Tinker Thinkers - Schools 

A program sponsored by the Children's Museum of Sonoma County, Tinker Thinkers- Schools brings hands-on science into the classroom. A visit from Tinker Thinkers gets students in grades K-6 learning about science topics, ranging from air to vibration to electricity, through hands-on exploration! This updated, 45 minute program is perfect for any classroom!

Photos thanks to Leila Bierbaum

Tinker Thinker - Schools Basics

Museum educators bring science lessons to your classroom!

  • Students will watch and participate in a 20-minute presentation, followed by 20 minutes hands-on exploration
  • Museum educators will wrap up your class session with a final demonstration and class reflection.
  • Maximum of 24 students in each session
  • Minimum of 2 sessions each day, maximum of 3 sessions each day

Tinker Thinkers - Schools Programs

Forces and Motion (K to 4th grade)

Let’s find out more about the pushes and pulls that make things go. In this program, children learn more about basic physics concepts like friction, gravity, and Newton’s First Law. Forces & Motion Teacher Guide, HERE.

What's the Matter (1st and 2nd grades)

What is matter? Is it a solid? Liquid? Gas? You'll find out by playing with some exciting sensory materials, gases, solids, and liquids. What's the Matter Teacher Guide, HERE.

Electric Science (4th to 6th grades)

Explore electricity, and how it works, while using magnets and circuits. Build your own circuits to make light, noise and motion! Electric Science Teacher Guide, HERE.

Tinker Thinkers Schools - Pricing & Registration

  • 2 classes $250
  • 3 classes $350
  • No more than 3 classes in one day

Submit a request form (below) to start the booking process. Our School and Community Programs Coordinator will email back with any follow-up questions and confirm your registration.

Tinker Thinkers – Schools Scholarships

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, we can offer a limited number of scholarships to schools who need assistance accessing our school programs. Schools demonstrating a 40% or higher socio-economically disadvantaged population are eligible for consideration. If your school wishes to be considered, please indicate accordingly on the Tinker Thinkers – Schools Request Form (below).

Important Information

Set-up and Breakdown

Set-up takes 15 – 20 minutes, please plan accordingly. We will be respectful of your teaching space while we set-up, you do not need to be out of the classroom. Breakdown will happen immediately after the session.


If you would like to book multiple classes in a single day they need to be scheduled closely together. For example: either all sessions in the morning, or all sessions in the afternoon, please no split days or more than 30 minutes between sessions.




A teacher, substitute, or classroom aid must remain with the class at all times

Do you have a question that we didn’t answer?

Please see our Tinker Thinkers – Schools FAQS. Or, contact our School and Community Programs Coordinator with additional questions at schoolprograms@cmosc.org or call 707-546-4069 x 113.