Winter Workshop Guidelines

Dropping Off and Picking Up Campers

Children can be dropped off and picked up at the Main entrance of the Museum. Workshop instructors will be there to meet you and your child/ren. If you arrive late, you will expected to walk your child back to the classroom. Authorized adults must sign-out children. Please bring a photo ID when you or your child’s caregiver comes for pick up.

What to Wear & Pack

Please send your child in old clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. While we use mostly washable products, stains can still occur. During our workshops children play all around the Museum and outdoors, and they can sometimes tear, damage or stain clothes. It is also advisable to send them in layers. Please send children in closed toe shoes.
Emergency Care Fee

An additional $1 per minute care fee applies for all children remaining more than five minutes past their registered pick-up time.  If you are going to be late, please call the Museum to let us know.

Medical Forms

All of the necessary medical information will be supplied by the parent/guardian to the Museum at the time of your registration. You must inform us of any special medical concerns ahead of time. Please contact the Director of Programs, Lauren Hodge, prior to the first day of your child’s camp. Parents of children who require an Epi-pen must supply a form signed by their child’s doctor prior to the first day of camp or we will not be able to allow the Epi-pen at camp.


We provide a simple snack during each workshop session. Please note that children with food allergies or sensitivities should bring their own snack.

Toys & Electronics

Please leave electronics, stuffed animals, trading cards and other toys at home. Museum staff is not responsible for ensuring the safety or care of any such items & toys brought to camp often become lost or damaged.

Winter Workshop FAQs

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