Toddler Play Date

paint drops with toy trains

Painting with Trains

Try this simple activity at home with your little ones. Children roll toy trains through paint, then transfer to the paper to make their designs!

toy train

Train Tracing Floor Activity

With just a few simple supplies, your child will "chug-chug" along through the magical world of triangles, quadrangles, and maybe even a dodecagon!

overhead view of kids playing in mud

Toddler Mud Play

Mud is not just dirt and water; it provides opportunities for development in almost every area of growth for your child: Social, Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical.

child painting on window with fingers

Art Window for Kids

Do you miss our Paint Window in Ella’s Art Studio? We do, too! Make your own at home, using water-based art supplies!

infant sitting in plastic tub filled with water

Water Sensory Bin

This activity is incredibly versatile; you can keep it simple with just a few cups and bowls, or you can get as creative as the supplies in your house allow.

shaker jars filled with different herbs and spices

Smell Jars

Smell is an incredibly powerful sense, and smell jars are a fun way for your child to learn and interact with the world around them.

egg carton beside cotton swabs set up for toddler activity

Egg Carton Cotton Swab Push

Help your toddler develop their fine motor skills while keeping them entertained for hours! Common household items make this a TPD Favorite.


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