DIY Science Explorer Kit FAQs

How do the kits work? Will the kit come with instructions?

DIY Science Explorer kits work for a single class period or can be set up for all day exploration. Each kit comes with a “how-to” booklet that provides instructions, prompts for engagement, vocabulary, and NGSS Standards alignment.

How many kids can play with one kit at a time?

To allow for optimal learning, we recommend 10-15 kids at a time, however the whole class may be able participate. This may depend on each kit’s parts and pieces, your students’ ages and stages, and classroom dynamics.

What is the COVID-19 Cleaning Protocol?

Upon return, each DIY Explorer Science Kit kit is sanitized and allowed to sit for 48+ hours to ensure safety.

Where else can I use these kits?

Our DIY Science Explorer Kits are perfect for the classroom, playtime, homeschool, event, troop meeting or a small birthday party.

Are the DIY Explorer Kits standards-aligned?

Yes, each of the DIY Science Explorer Kits are designed with the Next Generation Science Standards in mind. Each kit encourages students to make meaning out of the science phenomena that they observe.

My kit has missing/broken pieces. What do I do?

We double-check our DIY kit inventory before renting them out, but we may miss something. Please contact us immediately if your kit has missing or broken pieces so we can assess how to move forward, and to ensure that we do not charge you incorrectly for the damages.

I will not be able to return my kit on time. What should I do?

There will be a $30 per day late fee for each additional day beyond your return date. Please contact the Museum as soon as you are aware that you will be unable to return the kit on time.

Please contact our Programs Coordinator with additional questions at or call 707-546-4069 x115.


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