Playful Projects

Playful Projects for Kids

Here are some fun and easy things you can do at home with your kids. We’ll keep adding to this page, so come back often.

Science Exploration

  Famous Scientists  Famous Scientists

  Worm Bin  Worm Bin

   Egg in a Bottle   Egg in a Bottle

  Straw Oboe  Straw Oboe

  Borax Crystals  Borax Crystals

  Cabbage Soup  Cabbage Soup

  Invisible Message  Invisible Message

  Bean Power  Bean Power

  Sidewalk Chalk  Sidewalk Chalk

  Bubble Juice  Bubble Juice

  Crayon Cookies  Crayon Cookies

  Seed Paper  Seed Paper


  Play Dough  Play Dough

  Oobleck  Oobleck

  No Cook Play Dough  No Cook Play Dough

  Coconut Cloud Dough  Coconut Cloud Dough

  Flarp/Gak  Flarp/Gak

  Salt Dough  Salt Dough

Thank you to Alice and Lisa, two very talented craft designers, for lending us their fabulous ideas!

 Head Sculpture by Lisa Fredenthal-Lee

 Bug Antenna  by Alice Tucker

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