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In the News


The Great Train Days Gallery
The Press Democrat, July 27, 2019

Annual event gives families chance to play in snow, support Children’s Museum
The Press Democrat, January 20, 2019, Kevin Fixler


Rebuilding Sonoma County: Fire exhibit helps ‘resilient’ kids cope with loss
The Press Democrat, July 27, 2018, Danny Mueller

5-year-old Isaac donned a firefighting suit and something seemed to click
The Press Democrat, July 8, 2018, Chris Smith

Sonoma County parks and preserves set aside a day for kids

The Press Democrat, April 29, 2018,  Meg McConahey

‘Snow Days’ draws hundreds to Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

The Press Democrat, January 13, 2018, Robert Digitale

‘Snow Days’ at Children’s Museum of Sonoma County 

The Press Democrat, January 21, 2018 


Photos Of The Year 2017 By PD’s Beth Schlanker

The Press Democrat, December 31, 2017

Winter camps provide Sonoma County kids with activities, parents some child care relief

The Press Democrat, December 28, 2017, Eloisa Ruano Gonzalez

The Power of Mothers Creates a Museum of Wonders at the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

Bay Area for Sale, November 22, 2017, By Elisha Neubauer

Groups, businesses respond to North Bay fire recovery

North Bay Business Journal, October 24, 2017

Douglas Kay of Children’s Museum of Sonoma County wins CFO award

North Bay Business Journal, August 22, 2017

Where and how to watch the solar eclipse in Sonoma County

The Press Democrat, August 15, 2017, Guy Kovner

Train Days Celebration At The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

The Press Democrat, August 5, 2017, Jeremy Portje

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County opens “snow days” for young visitors

The Press Democrat, January 14, 2017 by Beth Schlanker


Gordon Dow of Children’s Museum of Sonoma County wins Nonprofit Leadership Award

North Bay Business Journal, October 24, 2016

Children’s Museum educational series takes aim at tweens

The Windsor Times, February 3, 2016, by Jade Shojaee”

6 Parks That Make the World a Better Place to Live

“Landscape Architects Network, March 20, 2016, by Erisa Nesimi”


Gingerbread House Workshop At The Children’s Museum Of Sonoma County

The Press Democrat, December 23, 2015, Beth Schlanker

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County expansion wins special project award

” North Bay Business Journal, December 21, 2015, by Gary Quackenbush”

Sonoma County nonprofits rally around Giving Tuesday

“Press Democrat, November 30, 2015, by Mary Callahan”

18 Best Things to Do in Santa Rosa

“, August 25, 2015”

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County debuts new exhibits for tots

“Press Democrat, August 21, 2015, by Mary Callahan”

The New and Expanded Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

“Sonoma County Kids, July 27, 2015”

New exhibit debuts Saturday at Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

“Press Democrat, June 19, 2015, by Paul Payne”

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County nearly complete

“Press Democrat, May 1, 2015, by Dan Taylor”

Busy Museum Bees

“Press Democrat, April 14, 2015, by Beth Schlanker”


Children’s Museum settles into new home

“When the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County first opened in 2005, it was simply a minivan toting around exhibits at public events. Founder Collette Michaud, a Petaluma resident and mother, named it Museum on the Go.”


Children’s Museum opens in Santa Rosa

“Wine Country has gotten a little more family-friendly with the opening of the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County in Santa Rosa.”

San Francisco Chronicle, July 9, 2014 by Matt Villano

Kids’ Activities, Sonoma Style (New Museum Included)

“With more than 400 wineries, Sonoma County, Calif., might be known as an oenophile destination, but the region is making a big push to also draw in families with several attractions and events.”

New York Times Online, June 17, 2014 by SHIVANI VORA

New children’s museum ready to spotlight outdoor exhibits

“Life is getting a lot more interesting for the area’s little ones.”

Press Democrat, March 28, 2014 by Mary Callahan


Museum for kids taking shape

Press Democrat, October 21, 2013 by Mary Callahan

Suddenly, a river runs through it

Press Democrat, October 14, 2013 by Chris Smith

Crews to build mini Russian River in SR

The Community Voice, Monday October 14, 2013

Young, Old Celebrate Start of New Children’s Museum

Press Democrat, June 2, 2013, by Mary Callahan

Children’s Museum Finally Finds a Home: Founder’s Dream Becomes Reality

Sonoma Family Life Magazine, January 2013 Issue, by Anna Freeman


Minds in Motion at Dunbar

Kenwood Press, November 1, 2012, Photo by Sarah C. Phelps

Kids’ Museum Rises Next to Sparky’s

Press Democrat, October 6, 2012, by Chris Smith

Dow Pharmaceutical Sciences gives $200,000 to Children’s Museum

Press Democrat, May 2, 2012, by Mary Callahan

Memory of Santa Rosa Girl Lives on in Gift of Art

Press Democrat, April 22, 2012, by Chris Smith

One Step Closer to a Children’s Museum that will Teach and Amaze

Press Democrat, March 13, 2012, by Chris Smith

Medical Mysteries: At Sonoma Children’s Museum

San Francisco Chronicle, February 9, 2012, by Matt Villano

Inspiring the Next Generation

Northbay BIZ Magazine, January 2012 Issue, by Juliet Porton

Museum Makes Science Fun, January 5, 2012, by Colleen Rustad for the Argus-Courier


Explore and Play: SoCo Children’s Museum Plans New Expanded Location

North Bay Bohemian, November 30, 2011, by Anna Freeman


Kids’ museum: Collette Michaud’s dream

Press Democrat, October 10, 2010, by Chris Smith

Mobile children’s museum to take root next to Schulz museum

Press Democrat, September 28, 2010, by Chris Smith

2005 – 2009

Youth museum moves closer to having a home

Press Democrat, September 18, 2009, by Mary Callahan

Mobile museum comes to kids

Press Democrat, June 17, 2009, by Mary Callahan

A place where ‘no’ doesn’t exist

Press Democrat, September 2, 2005, by Janet Parmer

Plans under way for children’s museum

Argus Courier, August 24, 2005, by Dan Johnson

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