Membership FAQs

Membership FAQs

Family, Collaborator & Innovator Memberships:

  • Who is admitted free with my Family membership?

    • The parent and partner/spouse, named on the membership.

    • Their legal dependent children under 18 years old.

    • Unlimited related adults (grandparents, aunts, uncles, any relative over 18 years) when accompanying members.

    • One unrelated adult per visit (i.e., caregiver over 18 years or adult friend) when accompanying members.

    • Free admission is not available during blackout dates for fundraising events like Snow Days, or for admission to birthday parties.

  • Who must be present to receive the member benefits?

    At least one of the named members must be present to receive benefits.

  • Can I bring in guests for free to the museum if I am a member?

    Guests covered by membership include any related adults (18+) accompanying members and one unrelated adult per visit, accompanying members. General admission ($12) is charged for non-member children.

  • How do I check in with my membership?

    For faster museum check-in, scan either your physical membership card or digital eMembership card on your smartphone at the Front Desk and let the attendant know who is checking in with you. (For assistance or instructions on downloading your free eMembership card please ask the Front Desk staff.)

  • Can I share a membership with my friend or other family members?

    Full membership benefits may only be used by the two named adults (parent and spouse/partner) and their dependent child(ren). Non-member adults may use the membership to check member children in to CMOSC. Multiple families, although sharing a home, may not share one membership.

  • Can I drop off my child(ren) with a caregiver at the Museum?

    If the caregiver is over 18, yes. The membership benefits include one free unrelated adult guest, such as a caregiver. Photo ID may be required at check-in.

  • Can I bring my niece and nephew under my membership?

    As a Family, Collaborator and Innovator member, only your legal dependent children may come in under your membership. General admission ($12) is charged for non-dependent children.

  • Why can’t I add my niece and/or nephew who lives in my home to my membership?

    Our Family, Collaborator and Innovator memberships cover two named adults (the parent and their spouse/partner) and their legal dependent children only. “Legal dependent children” refers to the children for whom the named parent and partner/spouse are legal guardians. Requests to add additional children to your membership may require proof of legal dependency. Non-dependent children may not be added to a
membership. Failure to comply will result in termination of membership privileges without refund. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, this policy is intended to prevent any misuse of memberships, which results in loss of revenue and may ultimately result in raised prices.

  • Grandparent Membership:

    • Who is admitted free with my Grandparent membership?

      • The grandparent and partner/spouse, named on the membership.

      • Up to four (4) grandchildren per member grandparent present (Maximum: 8, if both member grandparents are present) per visit.

      • Free admission is not available during blackout dates for fundraising events or for admission to birthday parties.

    • Who must be present to receive the member benefits?

      At least one of the named members must be present to receive benefits.

    • Who can use my membership card?

      Only the grandparent(s) named on the membership card can use it.

    • How do I check in with my membership?

      For faster museum check-in, download and scan the digital eMembership Card from your smartphone and let the attendant know who is accompanying you to the Museum. You can also present your physical membership card. (ID may be required.)

    • Can I share a membership with my friend or other family members?

      Memberships are non-transferable and may only be used by the grandparent(s) listed on the membership. The secondary adult listed on the membership can only be the current partner or spouse of the primary member, who lives in the same home.

    • What if I bring my 6 grandchildren and one of my adult children? Who do I pay for?

      You may bring up to 4 grandchildren for free per member grandparent present. This means up to 8 grandchildren can be brought in for free when both member grandparents are present; additional children and adults are $12 each. In this scenario, you would pay $36 for your adult child and the extra 2 grandchildren.

    • General Membership Questions (All levels of membership)

      • I came to the Museum this weekend and paid general admission. Can I use my receipt as credit towards buying a membership?

        Yes, you have 14 days to apply one admission receipt to a membership purchase at the Front Desk.

      • Do I get free passes with my membership?

        The Collaborator membership ($350) comes with 10 single use guest passes. The Innovator membership ($650) comes with 20 single use guest passes.

      • May I upgrade my membership in the middle of the year?

        Yes, you may upgrade at the Front Desk or over the phone if your membership expiration is more than 3 months away. Please note that upgrading does not extend the length of the membership; it gives you additional benefits for the remainder of your original membership term.

      • Can I get a refund on my membership?

        As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our memberships are non-refundable. Thank you for your support and understanding.

      • Can I transfer my membership to someone else if I move out of the area?

        Membership benefits are non-transferable and may not be re-sold. The membership may only be used by the members named at purchase. You can continue to use your ACM reciprocal benefits at participating museums for the remainder of your membership year.

      • Can I purchase a membership for someone else?

        You may purchase a membership for someone else as a gift. You will need to provide their name and contact information at the time of purchase. Memberships cannot be transferred or re-sold.

      • How long until I receive my membership cards?

        CMOSC offers digital membership cards through the eMembership Card app. Cards can generally be downloaded within one day of purchase (please allow 3-4 business days if purchased online or during peak holiday periods). Click here for eMembership card download instructions. Physical membership cards are only available by request and will be mailed within 1-2 weeks.

      • My child’s friend is having a birthday party at the Museum. Can I use my membership to check in for the birthday party?

        Membership does not provide free admission for birthday parties. Birthday areas and activities are exclusively for party hosts and their guests, and are not open or available to members or the general public. Party packages include the cost of admission for 30 people in the indoor party space and 40 people in the outdoor party space. There is a $12 per person charge for any guests over the 30 (indoors) or 40 (outdoors), regardless of membership status.

      • My child’s school is visiting the Museum and I am one of the chaperones. Can I use my membership to check in?

        Yes, you may check yourself in at the Front Desk using your membership.

      • What is the ACM reciprocal network?

        ACM stands for the Association of Children’s Museums. We participate in the ACM network, which allows CMOSC members to receive discounted admission at other participating children’s museums across the country (dependent upon the membership level the visitor has). Present your CMOSC physical membership card or eMembership card at any of the 200 reciprocal museums across the country to receive 50% off general admission for up to six people, including the cardholder. For a complete list of ACM Reciprocal museums, click HERE.

      • What if I forgot my membership card and I’m visiting another museum that is part of the ACM network?

        If you’ve downloaded your digital member card using the eMembership Card app, you will always have proof of CMOSC membership with you while traveling. You may present your digital card with your photo ID at the museum you are visiting. You are also welcome to call our Front Desk Team during regular business hours (Wednesday through Monday, 9am to 4pm PST; closed Tuesdays) at (707) 546-4069 to verify a current active membership.

      • Can I bring a guest, who is not a member, during Member Mornings?

        Yes. Members are allowed to bring in guests during Member Mornings. Please check with the Front Desk to find out which guests are covered by your membership.

      • Will I be notified when my membership is expiring?

        We will notify you via email (be sure to check your spam folders) a month before your membership expires. Your membership’s expiration date is also located on your physical member card and displayed on the free eMembership card app.

      • Is my membership tax-deductible?

        Depending on the level you purchased your membership may, or may not be tax-deductible.

        • Family ($170) – NOT tax deductible

        • Collaborator ($350) – Tax-deductible $85

        • Innovator ($650) – Tax-deductible $85

        • Grandparent ($170) – NOT Tax-deductible

      • What if I lost/forgot my membership card?

        As a CMOSC member, you may present your photo ID at the Front Desk to access membership benefits.

      • I still have additional questions. Who do I ask?

        You are welcome to speak to the Front Desk staff in person, or to contact us via email at, or by phone during regular business hours at (707) 546-4069.

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