Picnic Table Party FAQs

I booked my party, what happens next?

Immediately after booking a party with us you will receive:
– A confirmation email with specific details about your reservation date and time
– A transaction receipt for your purchase

During the weeks leading up to your party you are welcome to:
– Come into the Museum to view the party venue
– Ask our Birthday Party Coordinator any questions via email parties@cmosc.org or phone
(707) 546-4069

What does your birthday party reservation include?

  – Picnic Table Party for 2 hours
– 15-minute pre-party set-up time for the host
– All-day Museum admission for hosts and guests
– Outdoor party designed for 20 guests total (includes children, adults, and host family)
– Current museum members receive 10% off!
– Includes 2 reserved Picnic Tables
-Picnic Table Parties take place during regular operating hours for the Museum. The public will be present.

What is your cancellation and schedule change policy?

-For cancellations more than 7 days before the party: you will receive a full refund, minus a $50 administrative fee.
-For cancellations with 7 or fewer days before the party: you will receive a refund of 50%.
-Requests to reschedule will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
-Cancellations due to forecasted rain are subject to the policies listed above. If the host chooses to move forward with a party in the rain, a 10′ x 10′ canopy can be provided.
-In the event that the Children’s Museum should have to cancel a reservation for unforeseen circumstances, you will be issued a full refund or may choose to reschedule on an alternate available date.

We are planning to arrive early to play before our reservation time. Can we store our things somewhere while we play?

The host may access the party venue 15 minutes before the start time of the reservation. If you have non-perishable items to store before then, the Front Desk staff can store them for you.

What is the guest limit?

The guest limit for Picnic Table Parties is 20 people total. Any additional guests will be paid for after the party is over. Total count includes hosts, birthday child, family members and all guests whether they are museum members or not.
*We require supervision from a minimum of one adult for every four children. You and the adults in your party are responsible for supervising the children at all times in all areas of the Museum.

Can adults without children attend our birthday party at the Museum?

Yes, adults without children will be able to come to the party! Please be aware that all adults arriving without a child will be escorted to the party space.

Can children without adults attend our birthday party at the museum? 

We ask that all children be supervised in at least a 1:4 ratio of adults to children. Please let the front desk know if special arrangements have been made to drop off a party guest in your care. 

If my friends or family have museum memberships, do they count towards my guest total?

Yes, they will still count towards the total number of guests. Museum memberships do not provide admission to private playdates or birthday parties.

When can the host set up the party space?

The host may set-up 15 minutes prior to your reservation start time. Please do not invite guests before your allotted time. Hosts and your guests may enjoy the rest of the Museum for the entire day, before and after your party.

How do the hosts and guests check in?

Hosts may arrive early to play and should return to the front desk before reservation time for birthday party check-in. After check-in you can set-up to 15 mins prior to party start time to setup.
Guests may arrive early to play before the party reservation time. They will check-in at the Front Desk, and receive instructions regarding your party.

 How do I know if my party has any additional charges for extra guests?

The Front desk staff will check-in all party guests upon arrival to the Museum and keep track of your totals. Please check-out with the front desk staff when leaving the Museum in order to pay for any overages.

Does the Museum provide party supplies?

The museum does not provide additional party supplies or decorations.

Can I bring my own decorations and party supplies?

– Party hosts are welcome to add simple decorations.
– Please do not tape, tack, or adhere anything to the walls, flags or cabinets.
– Decorations and party supplies must remain at the party area.
-Please DO NOT bring balloons of any kind.
(As a courtesy to our Team, please remind your party guests of the Museum balloon policy.)

May I have food delivered to the Museum?

Yes! Please notify front desk staff during check-in if a food delivery is scheduled.

Please keep food and food consumption to the picnic tables.

Does the Museum provide any craft or activity for birthday parties?

Not at this time.

Can we bring balloons, streamers, confetti, or a piñata?

Please do not bring balloons of any kind, piñatas, glitter, confetti, nuts, glass bottles, or alcohol onto the premises.

A $100 noncompliance fee may be assessed for failure to follow these guidelines. Removal from the premises and/or cancellation of the party may also be required.

Can we bring in outside vendors like a magician or face painter?

Outside vendors and performers are not permitted at the Children’s Museum.

Do I need to clean up afterwards?

Yes, you are responsible for cleaning up the party area before the end of your reservation time; remove decorations, dispose of waste and food in the bins provided, and clear the tables and floor.

Can I bring an alcoholic beverage?

Alcohol is prohibited from the museum premises. A $100 noncompliance fee will be assessed for failure to follow these guidelines. Removal from the premises and/or cancellation of the party may also be required.

I am planning a small celebration in the Museum. Do I need to reserve a Picnic Table Party?

Yes, all birthday party celebrations must occur in a reserved party area only. Items such as cake, presents and decorations are not permitted on museum property unless a party reservation has been made.


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