Group Visits

Learn and play at the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County with a self-guided group visit!  Each of the Museum’s exhibit galleries is tied directly to the California Department of Education Curriculum and the National Early Learning Standards.  From fishing in the Russian River exhibit to discovering habitats in Mary’s Garden to imaginative play in our Science and Imagination Gallery, there is so much to explore!  

Group Visit Basics

  • Group visits are self-guided visits to the Museum.  Museum staff will greet you, review a few rules and logistics, and then your group will be free to explore the various Museum exhibits at your own pace.
  • Group visits are for children in 2nd grade and younger. Exceptions will be considered for mixed age groups with children up to 10 years old.
  • For purposes of our group visits, the Museum recognizes groups as having between 12 and 48 children. All groups having between 12 and 48 children are REQUIRED to register with us ahead of time. Typically, the maximum group size allowed for a Group Visit is 24 children. However, from May - September there are limited dates available for larger groups up to 48 children.
  • The Museum requires a minimum of 1 chaperone for every 4 children on a group visit (1:4 ratio). You may bring as many as 1 chaperone for every 3 children (1:3 ratio).  Chaperones and teachers in a 1:3 ratio are included in the cost of the visit.
  • Group visits are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during normal Museum operating hours throughout the year. We reserve the right not to schedule group visits on school holidays such as Winter Break, Spring Break, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, etc.

Group Visit Pricing & Registration

Group Price (must pre-register):  $9 per child; chaperones in 1:3 ratio are allowed in for free

  • Any group bringing between 12 and 48 children is REQUIRED to register with the Museum ahead of time. To start the registration process, please submit a Group Visit Request (at the bottom of this page). 
  • If your group of 12 or more children arrives without a reservation, you will be denied entrance to the Museum.
  • The Museum requires a minimum of 1 chaperone for every 4 children on a group visit (1:4 ratio).  You may bring as many as 1 chaperone for every 3 children (1:3 ratio).  Chaperones and teachers in a 1:3 ratio are included in the cost of the visit.  Additional chaperones pay the regular entrance fee of $12.
  • Payment for group visits is due on the day of the visit.

Group Visit Scholarships

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, we can offer a limited number of scholarships to schools who need assistance accessing our field trip programs. Schools demonstrating a 40% or higher socio-economically disadvantaged population are eligible for consideration. If your school wishes to be considered, please indicate accordingly on the Field Trip Request Form.

Important Information


Chaperones play an important part in making your group visit day smooth and fun.  Encourage your chaperones to engage with the students and keep cell phone use to a minimum.  Please familiarize chaperones with our three rules so they can help students:

  1. Be safe and always walk.
  2. Be friendly to other people and take turns.
  3. Be kind to our exhibits.

What to Wear

Visits to the Museum are hands-on, immersive, outdoor experiences where students are encouraged to explore our garden and play in our water-feature area.  Please be prepared that students may get a little bit dirty or a little bit wet and have them dress appropriately.

Lunches and Snacks

Bring your own snacks and lunches and enjoy them at our outdoor tables.  We do not have food service or indoor eating areas available at the Museum.  In consideration of guests with nut allergies, please do not bring nut products into the Museum.

Student Drop-off & Pick-up (with school buses)

Buses must drop-off and pick-up in the Museum's parking lot, near the front entrance of the Museum.

Bus Parking

Please note that the Museum does not have bus parking in our parking lot. Buses will need to park at Coddingtown Mall if they are waiting for students.

Other Visitors

Please note that the Museum is open to the general public during group visits.

Do you have a question that we didn’t answer?  

Please see our Group Visit FAQs page, or contact our School and Community Programs Coordinator with additional questions at or call 707-546-4069 x113.