Organizational Access

Our Organization Access program is specifically designed to assist non-profit organizations in their efforts to support local families in need. Through this program we strive to provide a safe, fun, and educational space for companies to bring clients. By doing this we hope to provide valuable resources and experiences to families in our community.

Package Options

Access Passes

40 single-use Access
Passes (each pass
admitting two people)

A child and their adult guardian laughing and playing together on the Bike Track at the Children's Museum of Sonoma County in Santa Rosa, Ca.

Membership Cards

4 one-year memberships
(each membership card
admits up to 6 people)

Hybrid Passes & Cards

20 single-use Access
Passes and 2 one-year
membership cards

How to sign up for Organizational Access

To apply for Organization Access please fill out the application below. Our membership team will review applications and respond to them in the order they are received.

“We went to the Children’s Museum for one of our visits and
the whole family was able to attend for the first time. They all
loved it! We heard this child say so many words he had not
said before at home in just one of the visits! He counted and
said colors which family did not even know he could do! It
was such a beautiful moment to witness and I am so thankful
for having the ability to have family visits there.”

-The Early Learning Institute

The Children’s Museum also offers discounted admission for CalFresh/EBT, WIC, and Medi-Cal Benefits Identification Cardholders (Photo ID required). Learn more about our daily admission rates.

For more information about the Organizational Access Program, email or call 707.546.4069.


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