todders play together with parents at the children's museum

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The Children’s Museum plays such an important role in the lives of children throughout Santa Rosa and all of Sonoma County. Thanks to the Children’s Museum, local parents and grandparents have been able to introduce a love for learning at an early age that directly affects their growth and well-being later on. Programs like Creation Station, Sensory Friendly Afternoons, and Cuentos Con Ritmo (Stories with Rhythm), as well as events like our Birthday Bubbly Bash, The Great Train Days, and FUNtazmagoria are available to the public in order to share the wonders of science, art, and nature with all of our community, not just those who can afford the price of admission.

The Children’s Museum Needs All of Us

Founded in 2005, the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County is able to offer important community resources thanks to support from the Bay Area community. We are grateful to all our donors and members for supporting our mission and are constantly blown away by their continued generosity. Thank you!

“My family moved to Sonoma County in September 2017 with a newborn and no social networks. The yearly natural disasters and sprawling distances between amenities made it difficult to find consistency with other children and families.

“This changed when we discovered The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County. From our first visit we’ve been hooked, watching our little one explore and learn while also providing us a safe space to connect with other parents; moreover, as a three-generational household, it has offered a place for grandma and grandpa to create new memories with their grandchild. Finally, with only one of us working and income very tight, we have only been able to access this amazing place because of the reduced-cost Access Membership the Children’s Museum has provided.

“I can’t imagine where we would be as a family without this amazing resource. I urge you to please support the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County.”

— Kevin
Sonoma County father

How You Can Support the Children’s Museum

Wonder begins at the Children’s Museum. Play a role in inspiring WONDER throughout Santa Rosa by partnering with us today!


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