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Our Access for All initiative uplifts households who receive government programs such as free or reduced school lunches, Section 8 housing, SNAP, Medi-Cal, or WIC. Through Access for All, families can purchase a discounted ticket or membership (50 or 80% off regular rates) and enjoy the Museum. In 2022-2023, over 32,000 children and their loved ones visited the Museum as a result of the Access for All program.

Committed to building connections in our community, our Museum on-the-Go program participates in community family events in order to bring our unique programming to children who may not otherwise get the opportunity to visit our permanent Santa Rosa location.

Our subsidized School Field Trips provide students access to STEAM-based educational programming by eliminating geographic or socio-economic barriers. A limited number of scholarships are available to schools who need assistance accessing our programs. Schools demonstrating a 40% or higher socio-economically disadvantaged population are eligible for consideration.

The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (EIN#: 20-3496878).
All contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Note: Video developed & created for annual Time to Wonder 2020 fundraising gala

The Children’s Museum is an amazing place for grown-ups and kids alike. Nothing brings more smiles to our day than to announce it’s a Children’s Museum day. I feel great about the freedom of letting my children run free, discover, and explore: every visit is an enriching experience. We cherish the opportunity to have fun together as a family.”

– Alma Magallon

The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County helps children…

Child plays safely at Children's Museum of Sonoma County

Celebrate Play Every Day

Inspire Curiosity

little girl walking down beautiful curved path of foliage and plants

Be Active

Foster Inclusivity

Make Meaningful Memories

“From our first visit we’ve been hooked on the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County. Watching our little one explore and learn while also providing us a safe space to connect with other parents; moreover, as a three-generational household, it has offered a place for grandma and grandpa to create new memories with their grandchild. Finally, with only one of us working and income very tight, we have only been able to access this amazing place because of the reduced-cost Access Membership the Children’s Museum has provided. I can’t imagine where we would be as a family without this amazing resource. I urge you to please support the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County.”

– Kevin
Father of three-year-old child


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