PLAYology Playbook

Water Sensory Bin

This activity is incredibly versatile; you can keep it simple with just a few cups and bowls, or you can get as creative as the supplies in your house allow.

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two kids using marshmallows and skewers in science experiment

Marshmallow Exploration

Somewhere, in the depths of your pantry, may be an old bag of marshmallows. Instead of throwing that in the trash, utilize them to teach your children about science!

homemade kite on craft table

Make Your Own Kite!

Kites are a fun way for kids to learn about physics, wind flow, and to use their creativity. Follow these steps to make your own kite at home!

frankentoys made at childrens museum of sonoma county

Creating Frankentoys

Using old toys and a bunch of tools, children (and adults!) use their imagination, take apart old playthings, and create something completely brand new.

DIY Pirate Spyglasses

All hands on deck! Here’s a craft project for the little one on your ship! This DIY spyglass is creative, resourceful, and can be fun to use while playing "I…

young boy using scissors for a paper craft project

DIY Weaving Activity

In this art adventure, learn basic weaving techniques and explore different weaving ideas using paper, recycled materials, and yarn!

Creative Self Portraits

Get creative while developing fine motor skills, by ripping and cutting paper, as well as gluing and coloring while making these self portraits.


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