Corporate Partnerships

The Children’s Museum is grateful for support from a wide range of local businesses and organizations. By partnering with us, your company helps the Museum provide hands-on, interactive exhibits and programs that help children learn through play. Together we inspire curiosity and creativity through joyful, transformative experiences.

Corporate Memberships

Corporate membership enhances employee benefits and provides discounts and branding opportunities for your company, all while supporting the Children’s Museum, an important and valued community resource.

A huge THANK YOU to our current Corporate Members: 


A variety of corporate sponsorship opportunities are available for exhibits, events, and programs. 

Exhibit Sponsorships

Our hands-on exhibits celebrate the power of playful learning experiences. Corporate exhibit sponsorship allows the Children’s Museum to continue developing exhibits that inspire children to be curious and creative. A five-year exhibit sponsorship typically starts at $25,000. This price is dependent upon size and complexity of the exhibit.

Event Sponsorships

The Children’s Museum hosts several events throughout the year for which corporate sponsorship is essential to our success. From our Time to Wonder gala to Train Days to our Halloween themed FUNtazmagoria, the Children’s Museum provides fun, engaging, highly-attended events.  Event sponsorships start at $500 and include a range of social media and print promotional opportunities.

Access for All Program Sponsorships

One of our core beliefs is that playful learning experiences are the right of every child, regardless of ability, background, or income. Become an Access Program sponsor and help provide reduced admission or memberships to families in need or field trip scholarships for underserved schools.  Access program sponsorships typically start at $5,000 and include a range of social media and print promotional opportunities.

Program Sponsorships

As an award-winning organization, the Children’s Museum fosters family and community connections where every child can learn through play in an interactive environment.  Our programs embrace three key areas of content focus: the arts, science and nature. By sponsoring a specific program, you can help the Museum offer a variety of educational activities and classes.  Annual Program sponsorships typically start at $5,000 and include a range of social media and print promotional opportunities.

Please contact Noelle Moss at (707) 546-4069 x103 or for more information on corporate memberships or sponsorship opportunities. 

Volunteer Support

Do you have a corporate volunteer program or know employees interested in giving back to the community?  The Children’s Museum is thrilled to coordinate projects with corporate volunteers and welcomes groups of all sizes to help with events or work on various projects.

Please contact Ian Taylor at (707) 546-4069 or for more information. 


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