Child Sitting on Caterpillar Statue

Butterfly Lifecycle

Experience the lifecycle of a butterfly through this interactive exhibit placed throughout Mary’s Garden!
1. Climb into butterfly egg and learn about what it feels like to be in the first stage of a butterfly’s life cycle!

2. This three foot high soft sculpture is large enough to illustrate the detailed beauty of a caterpillar’s colors and markings.  The hearts and imaginations of children are captured as they climb on and experience a caterpillar from a tactile perspective as well as visual.

3. Curl into this hammock shaped like chrysalis!  Learn about how a caterpillar forms a chrysalis as it prepares to become a butterfly and act out what it would be like if you were a caterpillar in that stage!

4. Mary the Butterfly is the focus character of the garden.  Kids are invited to flap the wings of this mechanical butterfly sculpture and discover the physics of simple machines and how they work.

kids running through outdoor jungle exhibit


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