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Time to Wonder 2020

Did You Miss the Virtual Event?  

You can still watch Time to Wonder Dream Big 2020! We invite you to tune in, sit back, and enjoy every minute of the show! 


Make a difference. Make an impact. Make a gift today.

✓ Help raise $250,000 for capital improvements at the Children’s Museum.
✓ Support vital child development and mental health resources uniquely found at the Children’s Museum.
✓ Promote local businesses that support children and families.

Your gift will help serve our community. Your gift will deliver life-changing moments. Your gift supports the next generation of young learners.
Every gift matters.

All contributions go to the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County’s general operating fund. Contributors of $1,000 or more are welcomed as members in the Circle of Innovation.

Child walking along curved garden path

A gift of this amount helps ensure children with special needs have the opportunity to experience, learn, and explore at the Children’s Museum. Sensory Friendly Afternoons offer free admission to children with special needs and their families; a time to interact with fewer sounds and dimmed lights. Help expand our inclusion efforts to ensure all children are welcomed to the Children’s Museum. Your gift embraces the wonderful, joyful, and transformative power of play that happens every day at the Children’s Museum.

Parent and child playing with water in creek play area

A gift of this amount could help to enhance the interactive Mechanical Waterplay Area in Mary’s Garden by providing more connecting water troughs and areas for children to explore the many wonders of water. Your gift will deliver life-changing moments. 

Infant playing with an orange ball in Totopia

A gift of this amount could help prepare the Children’s Museum for safely reopening, ensuring sufficient personal protective equipment, increased cleaning services, and additional safety mitigations required because of COVID-19. Your gift will support the safety and well-being of our community.  

Parent and child playing with wood blocks

A gift of this amount could be instrumental in developing new exhibits like TOTopia and Space Odyssey for Galactic Explorers, refurbishing well-loved exhibits like the AirMazing, and maintaining existing exhibits like the model trains and the Miniature Russian River. Your gift will provide lifelong joyful memories.

Child staring into the curiosity cabinet

A gift of this amount helps support the development and creation of At-Home Science Experiments, Read Aloud Storybooks, and Art Adventures. Free and accessible, the online resources on the PLAYology Playbook webpage are recognized regionally as an educational tool relied upon by parents, grandparents, and teachers during these challenging times. Your gift supports the next generation of inquiring minds. 

several children playing in the tube jungle under a canopy

A gift of this amount helps provide low income children and their loved ones an 85% discount on admission – just $2 per entry. Access to enriching, science-based learning opportunities is critical for early childhood development and the well-being of each child. Last year, 26,000 visitors accessed the Children’s Museum through discounted admissions, programs, scholarships, or grants. Your gift makes a positive impact on the future. 

Family playing with wood blocks

The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County is a unique place where families from every race, ability, background, culture, and age play together. A gift of this amount will help provide at risk families the opportunity to purchase a subsidized annual Children’s Museum membership for $20, ensuring all children and families have access to joyful, transformative experiences. Your gift will strengthen the fabric of our community. 

small child finger painting yellow on window

A gift of this amount will help provide needed supplies and equipment such as salmon for the Russian River, cookware and felt food for Flavortown’s kitchen, and art supplies for Ella’s Art Studio. These exhibits allow children to use scientific principles, build mathematical and linguistic skills, and foster imagination and creativity. Your gift will deliver life-changing moments. 

Child playing with sound cables input jacks and learning about sound

A gift of this amount helps ensure every child has the opportunity for experimentation, exploration, and discovery. We are committed to the health and well-being of all children. Your gift will help serve our community. 


The Children’s Museum provides innovative exhibits and programs focused on STEM, nature, art, and emerging literacy. Since opening its physical doors in 2014, the Children’s Museum has served over 650,000 visitors and thousands more through community events and outreach. 

Sponsorships can be made for one year or up to three years. Tile column sponsorships are in perpetuity. 

For opportunities and to discuss details, please contact the Office of Advancement at advancement@cmosc.org

Opportunities for sponsorships include:

  • Gigantic Storybook Catapiller
  • Imagination Blue Blocks
  • Butterfly Chrysalis
  • Apple Treehouse
  • Victorian House Exhibit
  • Cabinet of Curiosities: Art Studio
  • New Tile Column #1
  • New Tile Column #2
  • Honeycomb Tile Column
  • Grapevine Tile Column
  • Tropical Plants Tile Column
  • Cabinet of Curiosities: French Kitchen Cottage

For more details, please see go to online auction or contact the Office of Advancement at advancement@cmosc.org.


sponsors logos

To learn about sponsorship opportunities, click here

For more information or to discuss details, please contact the Office of Advancement at advancement@cmosc.org.


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