Unlock Potential Campaign

The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County is a beacon of hope where imaginations are sparked, learning flourishes, and lasting memories are created.

For more than a decade, the Children’s Museum has championed the power of inclusive playful learning experiences that empower young minds and prepare children for the future.

  • Museum is bursting at the seams — welcoming 200,000 annual visitors
  • No space for new STEAM exhibits to engage children ages 8 – 12
  • Waiting list for school field trips and extremely limited multi-purpose space
  • Insufficient parking for current and projected increase in visitors
  • Triple the indoor space with 17,420sf expansion to accommodate anticipated annual visitors of 220,000-265,000
  • Ability to welcome 18,000 (30% more) low-income visitors annually
  • Increase exhibit and program space from 4,800sf to 12,000sf
  • “Age-up” new exhibits and programs to engage and better serve older children
  • Double multi-purpose space for programs and school field trips
  • Expand toddler exhibit and add new outdoor toddler space
  • Expand parking lot from 118 spaces to 150 paved spaces
  • Provide greater opportunities for inclusivity and sense of belonging

Mail Checks to:

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County c/o Advancement Team, PO Box 1641, Santa Rosa, Ca 95406


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