Child playing with Toy Oven

Salta and Pepper Diner

Our Salta and Pepper Diner is a beloved exhibit for imaginative play. Here, children transform into miniature chefs, navigating the kitchen space as they whip up pretend meals. This playful scenario fosters essential social-emotional learning as they communicate and coordinate with each other.

In the kitchen, children will be delighted by what appears to be a kid-sized diner – complete with tables to sit at and a “real” kitchen to prepare food in. A stainless steel countertop complete with “hot line” similar to those seen on cooking shows and in restaurants is the perfect place to serve the meals after they have been prepared at the “prep table.”

Parents will enjoy pretending to eat the delicious food served by their children at one of the tables or while sitting on a stool next to the countertop.


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