victorian house curiosity cabinet

Victorian House Cabinet of Curiosity

Sponsored by Jessica, Jemma and Mike Sutton

Children will climb up a spiral staircase to the Victorian House, which anchors the kid-sized Sonoma County Main Street within the Science and Imagination Gallery. Here they can overlook the rest of the Museum and watch as model trains pass by right before them. Children will delight in looking at antiques, trinkets, and artifacts composed and arranged into intricate and interesting tableau shadow boxes reminiscent of the popular “I Spy” books.  Antique phones, china, lights, oddities, jewelry, hats, toys and dolls provide a visual feast for curious minds to devour.  Can they find the blue marble hidden in one of the boxes?  Or how about the monarch butterfly?  Shadow boxes are designed so that they can be changed out for seasonal holidays or thematic purposes.


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