Art Adventures

homemade kite on craft table

Make Your Own Kite!

Kites are a fun way for kids to learn about physics, wind flow, and to use their creativity. Follow these steps to make your own kite at home!

young boy using scissors for a paper craft project

DIY Weaving Activity

In this art adventure, learn basic weaving techniques and explore different weaving ideas using paper, recycled materials, and yarn!

shadow puppets

Shadow Puppet Theater

Are you looking for a great indoor activity for kids that takes little supplies and big imagination? Try making a DIY Shadow Puppet Theater!

paper folded into an Accordion Book on teal background

DIY Accordion Books

Fold paper into your own accordion book. Let your child’s imagination run wild with this silly and fun craft and drawing activity.

Collage of different funny sock puppets

How To Make A Sock Puppet

Encourage creative thinking and use simple craft supplies and a sock to create a puppet at home.


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