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With your amazing support, we have met our fundraising goal for the COVID-19 appeal; in 30 days we raised $100,000. THANK YOU!

Step-Aside-Play: A Word from Our Founder

Dear Members and Friends, When my two boys were little, at times the hours seemed to stretch on forever and I was anxious about how to fill them. That was...

clip art of a family with child wearing coronavirus masks

We Wear Masks

A video that tells a social Story About the Coronavirus for kids by Mr. Mike

stick drawing of children

Understanding The Coronavirus: A Social Story

For our kiddos who struggle with understanding change or worrying about things around them, social stories can be a really effective tool to help explain the world in a kid-friendly…

A cute little girl and her mother are washing their hands. Protection against infections and viruses.

How To Wash Your Hands

Watch our hand washing video demonstration and try it together at home with this fun hand washing sing-along activity.


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Toddler Playdate

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