young child brushing the teeth of a plastic resin alligator to learn about dentistry

Crocodile Dental Clinic

Sponsored by Bernstein Orthodontics

The goal of Crocodile Dental Clinic exhibit is to teach children about dental hygiene, their bodies, and the tie between eating healthy and strong teeth.  This exhibit will allow children to become doctors and examine the patient, Kyle the Crocodile!  Pint-sized visitors can wear lab coats, explore a faux clinic and participate in interactive activities, such as investigating the differences in different animals’ teeth, jotting their own medical notes, practice brushing with oversized toothbrushes see X-rays and try to determine if Kyle is eating healthy and practicing good dental hygiene. Children will leave with new understanding and appreciation of their own pearly whites and their bodies as a whole.

crocodile dental patient
crocodile smiling in dental chair


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