PLAYology Playbook

Boy looking on crystals he grew through magnifying glass

Borax Crystals

Here's an easy and amazing way for your child to grow their own colorful borax crystal decorations overnight!

child's hands holding worms

Worm Bin

The worm composting project is a fun Earth sciences teaching tool that also promotes composting veggie food scraps from snack time, and other meal prep.

science experiment called egg in a bottle being demonstrated by an adult

Egg in a Bottle

WOW! your kids with this fun science trick! The egg in a bottle science experiment is a great way to inspire and intrigue young minds and get them to start…

Famous Scientists

Famous Scientists This list was researched and created for us by Kristyn Byrne for our Time To Wonder fundraising event held on September 23, 2010. Each scientist was used as a...

Make Your Own Oboe Straw

Materials: What to do: What’s happening: When you blow, a pulse of compressed air flows down the straw. The pulse travels down the straw at Mach 1, the speed of...

Write Invisible Messages at Home

Materials: Experiment: Have an adult cut the lemon in half. This is your ink.Dip the end of the cotton swab, paint brush or your finger into the “ink” and use...

How to Make Bubble Juice

Materials: OR We’ve used both and they work well. They’re basically the same measurements but the 9 oz of Dawn is an actual size you can buy.  There are 16...

crayon arrows pointing at scribbles

Create Crayon “Cookies” At Home

Don’t throw out those old crayons!  Make beautiful “new” crayons out of the old nubs that nobody want to use anymore. These crayon cookies are also a great chubby size...


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