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Children’s Museum of Sonoma County Continues Momentum with $100,000

SANTA ROSA, CA., September 25, 2013 – Three professional leaders in the North Bay have awarded the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County (CMOSC) a combined $100,000 for interactive exhibits in Museum’s Main Street Sonoma County.

“After partnering with the Museum-on-the-Go to create the successful KidsWorx Creative Workshop series at our Santa Rosa store, we knew we wanted to be a significant partner at the permanent campus of the Children’s Museum,” said Friedman’s Home Improvement CEO Barry Friedman. “As a locally-owned family run company, we made a commitment long ago, to contribute our time and resources to supporting youth in our community, and a relationship with the Children’s Museum is a natural extension of that commitment.”

With the donation of $50,000, Friedman’s Home Improvement will have a kid-sizedkid-sized hardware store within the newly constructed Children’s Museum of Sonoma County. Young children will be able to dress up in hard hats and aprons, enjoying the opportunity to use nuts and bolts to construct wood forts and discover their love of building.

Bernstein Orthodontics has taken a $25,000 leadership role on the campus by sponsoring the miniature doctor’s office, the “Crocodile Clinic.”  The goal of Crocodile Clinic exhibit is to teach children about dental hygiene, their bodies, and the tie between eating healthy and strong teeth.  The hands-on nature of the exhibit will serve as an effective way for children to learn about the importance of taking care of their teeth and bodies.

Dr. Rael Bernstein of Bernstein Orthodontics said, “Our mission is to inspire change through the smiles we create, the lives we touch and the communities we are privileged to serve. Giving back to our local community is a social responsibility we take seriously and has always been a large, and important part of our culture.  We are excited to participate in a project that allows us to fulfill our mission.”

The Sonoma County Medical Alliance Association Foundation has worked diligently to improve the health of our community for over 80 years.  To further this aim, the Alliance has committed to a $25,000 sponsorship of the miniature Health & Science Lab at the Museum.  The Health and Science Lab will offer children the opportunity to pretend to be a medical doctor or nurse. Wearing scrubs and stethoscopes, children will learn about their health and discover how they can stay healthy, using their bodies’ awesome built-in capacities to avoid illness.

“The Alliance has a long-standing commitment to children, families and this community,” said Alliance President Shawn Devlin.  “Sponsoring the Museum’s Health & Science Lab allows us to reach our youngest community members, giving them an unmatched opportunity to play, pretend and explore – all while learning more about their health.  By introducing the roles of healthcare professionals to our children, we hope to inspire some of them to one day see themselves as our next generation of medical caregivers.”

“Main Street Sonoma County in our Science & Imagination Gallery is becoming a true reflection of our local businesses and organizations,” said Collette Michaud, CEO and founder of CMOSC. “Having the support of these community leaders propels our momentum and helps ground the Museum in what makes Sonoma County so special.  Thanks to Friedman’s Home Improvement, Bernstein Orthodontics and the Sonoma County Medical Alliance Association Foundation, we are closing the gap on our capital campaign through showcasing local support. We are so grateful for all of these relationships in helping the Museum make an impact on the lives of all children in our community.”

”The Children’s Museum started in 2005 as a mobile “Museum-On-The-Go.” Currently under construction on land adjacent to the Charles M. Schulz Museum on Steele Lane in Santa Rosa, the Museum will open in 2014.

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