STEAM Learning

two kids using marshmallows and skewers in science experiment

Marshmallow Exploration

Somewhere, in the depths of your pantry, may be an old bag of marshmallows. Instead of throwing that in the trash, utilize them to teach your children about science!

sunscreen spf science experiment

SPF Science Experiment

This science experiment is a simple way to help show children the importance of using sunscreen when outside.

oobleck homemade slime

Oobleck: Homemade Slime

Oobleck is a mixture of cornstarch and water. One of the cool things about oobleck is that sometimes it behaves like a solid and sometimes like a liquid.

kids with safety goggles on crowding around a fizz rocket science experiment

Fizz Rockets

Grab your safety goggles and learn how to launch fizz rockets! Fizz rockets are a fantastic science experiment that kids love to take part in.


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