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Miniature Russian River takes shape at the new Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

SANTA ROSA, CA., October 9, 2013 – This week, a crew of “pond guys and gals” from all over Sonoma County and way beyond have descended upon the Children’s Museum to construct a miniature Russian River complete with headwaters, water falls, natural streambed, pond and marsh wetland. 

Aquascape Inc., the Illinois company spearheading the installation, is North America’s leading innovator in the water gardening industry.  Aquascape invented the low-maintenance, naturally balanced ecosystem pond that is the #1 contractor-installed water garden.

The Russian River is a cornerstone exhibit within “Mary’s Garden” an outdoor nature education space at the Children’s Museum. A primary message for visitors to Mary’s Garden is that our natural resources are both beautiful and connected to our lives.

Collette Michaud, CEO, said, “I’m excited to be partnering with Aquascape on this exhibit because they are leaders in their industry. They also have a wonderful appreciation of Sonoma County’s ecosystem and are excited to recreate it for our young visitors.” 

The Russian River Exhibit will build visitors’ knowledge of sustainability, water management and recycling.  Youngsters will have the opportunity to see how their actions can have an impact on the environment through play and experimentation.

Aquascape is donating a significant portion of the cost to build the Russian River exhibit. Director of Contractor Development and Field Research, Ed Beaulieu from Aquascape helped create the technology used in the model river.

“Our approach is to build water features that are based on real ecosystems that rely on the natural balance of circulation, filtration, plants, rocks and gravel to ensure sustainability,” said Beaulieu.

The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County’s mission is to inspire children’s creativity and stimulate their curiosity to discover the world through playful exploration of the arts and sciences. 


Collette Michaud
Children’s Museum of Sonoma County


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