DIY Clothes Hanger Mobile

Make a fun and whimsical craft out of clothes hangers and other common household items.

Using a clothes hanger as a base, encourage your child’s imagination and creative expression by decorating items such as recycled materials, toys, photographs, pinecones, and whatever you can find! This is a great opportunity to explore your house and yard and look at objects in a new way! Try exploring a theme like things that you love, natural items, space, or whatever you can think of.

homemade hanging mobile made out of clothes hangers


  • Clothes hanger
  • String, ribbon, thread, or yarn 
  • Found objects
  • Paint, markers, art supplies to decorate objects
  • Scissors and hole puncher


  1. If your clothes hanger is metal you can shape it into a circle or square if you want.
  2. Collect your found objects and decorate them with paint, markers, or whatever you have on hand.
  3. Use your scissors or hole puncher to make holes in the objects.
  4. With yarn, string, ribbons, or thread tie your objects onto the clothes hanger at different lengths.
  5. Hang and behold!


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