How To Make Tinfoil People Sculptures

Make Tinfoil People at Home: Ages 5+


tinfoil on roll to be used in tinfoil people sculptures

This project encourages your child to think outside of the box. How can we transform everyday objects? There are endless possibilities to explore. See what other objects can be made with tinfoil besides tinfoil people sculptures. Could you even use other materials?

This project is inspired by the work of Swiss painter and sculptor, Alberto Giacometti, who produced sculptures of large spindly figures during the 20th century.

Tinfoil People Sculptures Materials:

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Scissors

Tinfoil People Sculptures Directions:

  1. Tear a large sheet of tinfoil
  2. Cut from the center of the shorter edge of the piece to 1/3 of the way towards the center, these are the ‘legs’.
  3. Scrunch up the tinfoil into two legs, and scrunch up the rest of the body and a head.
  4. Tear another smaller piece of tinfoil and fold it longways.
  5. Scrunch up this piece into one long piece for the arms, and wrap it around the torso.
  6. Cut the arms to length desired if too long.
  7. Fold ends of legs and arms to make hands and feet.

Fun Ways To Decorate Your Tinfoil Person

  • Add objects to the person using the tinfoil, or rubber bands
  • Get crazy and paper mâché the tinfoil man using a mixture of water, flour, and glue and pieces of ripped up newspaper. Once it’s dry, you could paint it!
  • Make a stop motion animation video with your tinfoil person dancing around!
  • Put the person on a piece of paper and trace the shadow.
  • Draw or create a 3D background for your tin person to frolic in.
  • Add rocks, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and other household items to your sculpture to increase it’s durability, and strength.

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