Water Sensory Bin

Set Up a Water Sensory Bin for Your Toddlers on Hot Days!

infant sitting in small plastic tub filled with water

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With the weather turning warmer, playing in water is always a fun activity! Littles love the chance to splash, pour, and explore how water works, especially if it gives them a chance to cool off when it’s warm outside. This activity is incredibly versatile; you can keep it simple with just a few cups and bowls, or you can get as creative as the supplies in your house allow.


  • Big plastic bin (storage bins work great)
  • Water
  • Towels
  • Cups, bowls, funnels, bottles, plastic balls, measuring spoons…whatever you have in your house that could be played with in water.


  1. This activity is best done outside, if possible, due to the surety of water splashing and mess.
  2. Fill the bin with water, add the toys, and let your child have a great time!
    • Make sure to have towels handy, and they will probably get soaked in the process.


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