“Bubble Juice” Recipe For Giant Bubbles!

little girl is playing with big bubbles in the backyard

How-To Make Bubble Juice Giant Bouncing Bubbles

Clean and simple backyard fun doesn’t get much more exciting than this! Make giant bouncing bubbles that don’t pop!


  • 1-gallon water (distilled works best)
  • 9 oz Ultra Dawn
  • 3 Tbsp. glycerin

Or you can try:

  • 15 to 1 water to Dawn
  • 3 Tbsp glycerin


We’ve used both and they work well. They’re basically the same measurements but the 9 oz of Dawn is an actual size you can buy. There are 16 cups to a gallon so the 2nd recipe will better fit in a gallon container.


This fun activity will keep kids busy for hours, and little hands extra clean!


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