DIY Antique Pirate Treasure Map

Make Your Own Antique Pirate Map To Find You Hidden Treasure: Ages 5+

diy antique treasure map

Children can make their own antique treasure map, showing where they hid their pirate’s booty!


 Card Stock
 Tea bags
 Hot water
 Markers


  1. Heat water and make the “tea.” Let cool so that kids can touch the tea bag and water without getting burnt.
  2. Have them press the tea bags into the paper to create an aged look.
  3. Set aside for a few minutes in the sun to dry.
  4. Once dry, create the pirate map!
    a. If they’re having trouble getting started, give them suggestions like, where is your treasure buried? Is it on an island? Are there trees? Mountains? Anything scary or hidden?
  5. When they are done drawing crumble up the papers and then unfold them for an even more antiqued look.


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