DIY Pirate Costumes

Make Your Own Newspaper Pirate Hats and Eye Patches At Home: Ages 3+

Follow the directions below to make fun and easy pirate costumes from common household items!

make your own pirate costume at home

DIY Newspaper Pirate Hats


 Newspaper (1 sheet per camper)
 Tape (optional)
 Markers


  1. Each child receives one full sheet of newspaper.
  2. Fold in half vertically (“hot dog” style).
  3. Fold in half horizontally (“hamburger” style).
  4. Fold the top corners toward the middle of the paper (it will make a triangle). Leave a margin of a few inches at the bottom of the page.
  5. Fold the bottom margin of one side of the paper up toward the middle to start making the brim of your hat. This single-fold may cover the triangle. If it doesn’t, then fold the bottom strip of paper again, so the strip is covering the triangle.
  6. Flip the hat over and fold the other bottom margin the same way you folded the other side. This may be a little harder to do without tearing the paper. If you’re having trouble, put your other hand inside the hat to hold it open a little bit.
  7. Use a piece of tape, if needed, to keep the edges of the hat brim together.
  8. Use the markers to decorate the hat as desired.

DIY Pirate Eye Patch


 Black paper
 Pencils
 Scissors
 Hole punches
 Yarn


  1. Cut out the eye patch from black paper
  2. Punch holes on each side of the eye patch
  3. Slide yarn through both holes in the patch
  4. Put a patch over the eye (of choice), and tie at the back of the head to hold in place.


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