Start a Pots ‘N Pans Band

toddler using wooden spoons to bang pans drumset

Get Front Row Seats To Your Toddlers First Post ‘N Pans Concert

Sometimes, the most favorite activities and toys of our children are the simplest ones. Open your cabinets, give them some wooden spoons, and let them find their inner maestro.


While it might just seem like they’re pounding on really obnoxious noisemakers (and they are), they’re also developing their gross motor skills. While playing with these different instruments, they’re also recognizing sounds, patterns, rhythms, and musical intonation.


  1. Pots and pans from your kitchen
  2. Plastic cups/bowls
  3. Big wooden and/or metal spoons
  4. Earplugs for the grown-ups (kidding)


Set out the pots, pans, cups, bowls, spoons, and anything else that will make a fun noise, and let your little have fun.


  1. Put on some fun music and hit the pans to the beat
  2. See what different sounds can be made by the different materials (plastic, wood, metal)
  3. Move them from carpet to tile or hardwood; does the sound change?


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