Summer Camp at Home: Summer Activities for Kids in Sonoma County

One CMOSC Member Shares Their Summer Activity Guide

create your own summer camp at home for kids

If you and your kiddos were looking forward to summer camp this year, you may all be feeling a little disappointed or even a bit panicked right now. Whether camp was canceled, or you’ve decided this might not be the best year for it, there is still plenty of fun to be had at home. 

One Children’s Museum member and fun-loving grandma took matters into her own hands and swiftly created her own “Camp Grandma” for her two grandchildren. She gathered her resources and set out to ensure her grandkids didn’t miss out on any fun or educational opportunities in Sonoma County this summer!

One CMOSC Member Tells Us How She Created Her Own “Camp Grandma”

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“Schools went virtual. Work went virtual. Shelter-in-place became the rule. The parents were juggling work, parenting, teaching, and play. After a couple of months with a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old it was time to explore some options when the school year ended. A call to Grandma was needed. 

We decided to expand the social bubble just a little. All of us adults were tested for COVID19 to make sure we were healthy. We worked out a schedule – two days a week with Grandma and Grandpa. We called it Camp Grandma since Grandma would be the social director.

Next comes the big challenge. What do you do at Camp Grandma all day? Fortunately there are resources to explore. As a member of the Children’s Museum, I scoured every communication they sent for activities for the two granddaughters. I also subscribed to the Museum’s YouTube channel for more ideas. I found engaging projects the kids could do and also interesting videos.”

– Children’s Museum of Sonoma County Member

Create Your Own Summer Camp at Home!

If you’re inspired to create a camp of your own, there are few things you can do to help your kids enjoy a fun, and safe summer. The best starting point is to ask your child what they will miss most about their summer camp. You can then try to recreate these summer camp activities and experiences at home.

Our team at the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County wants to help you discover new ways to keep your little ones engaged and entertained all summer long! Check out some of our many resources below.

Fun and Educational Resources From Our PLAYology Playbook

You can find fun and education at-home activities to keep your little ones busy this summer in our PLAYology Playbook! We have endless DIY crafts, science experiments, and other engaging STEAM activities.

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