Art Window for Kids

Allow Your Toddler’s Inner-Artist Out

Ideas or Inquiries 

Do you miss our Paint Window in Ella’s Art Studio? We do, too! Make your own at home, using water-based art supplies! 


  • A window 
  • Water based markers 
  • Washable paint – we like Tempera Paint, but Watercolor also can work! 
  • If using paint: 
    • Small cups 
    • Paint or sponge brushes 
    • Old sheet or towels to be a drop cloth, if you feel it’s needed 
    • Chair or stool, if the window is high up for your child 


This activity is limited only by your – and your child’s – creativity!  

  • Lay down the optional drop cloth and set up the stool if necessary. 
  • If you’re using paint, put a little paint in each cup and put a brush in each.  
    • We found that children can hold onto the cup, and it creates less chance of paint spillage.
  • Let your little get as creative as they would like! If you need some inspiration, some ideas could be: 
    • Can you paint your family? 
    • Can you paint your pet (or a desired pet)? 
    • Can you paint what you see through the window? 

About Ella’s Art Studio at the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

♥ Sponsored by St. Joseph Health Annadel Medical Center Pediatrics

Located in Ella’s Arts Studio, children will delight in getting to paint on a huge window overlooking the beautiful Mary’s Garden.  Various media is used depending on the day of the week – from paint to shaving cream to large shapes that can be applied to the window. Now matter what is used, it’s sure to enthrall and delight your child.


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