Painting with Trains

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This is a super simple art project which is something we love at the Museum! Using the toy trains to paint is not only fun and a great sensory activity, it also allows for imaginative play, as your child will be using their toy trains in a new, creative way.


  • Toy trains (or toy cars if you don’t have toy trains)
  • Paint
  • Plates (either paper or regular) – one per paint color
  • Paper


  1. Set up for this project is quite simple: put some paint on the plates, have your child roll their train through the paint, and then transfer to the paper to make their designs!
  2. Some creative ideas/additions could be:
  3. Switch up colors and/or trains/cars
  4. Talk about how trains can go both fast and slow, and see how the speed affects the painting
  5. Discuss places you might be traveling to on your imaginary “Paint Train Trip.”


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