Toddler Mud Play

Ideas or Inquiries for Toddler Mud Play:

We know. We know. It’s messy. It’s REALLY messy. It’s also one of the best sensory activities for littles there is. Mud is not just dirt and water; it provides opportunities for development in almost every area of growth for your child: Social, Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical. To find out more about mud play and its benefits, please visit the following resources:

toddler mud play with two children

Supplies & Directions for Toddler Mud Play:

The Easiest Way:

  • Mud
  • Your child
    • This is the easiest (and probably most messy) way of playing in the mud. Make a mud patch and let your little have fun, squelching the mud between their fingers and toes.

Options for for Toddler Mud Play:

  • Shallow Storage Bin
    1. Take a large, but shallow storage bin
    2. Fill it with mud, and add scoops, spoons, and bowls
    3. Let your child muck around inside the bin
  • Brick Construction
    1. Add small bricks/stones/sticks
    2. Have some trowels or other flat tool
    3. Build using the bricks, with the mud as mortar
  • Mud Painting
    • Do you have a fence nearby? They can paint on the fence using their fingers/hands, or other tools provided (trowel, spoon, spatula)
    • Paint their face/hands/legs
  • Throw Mud Balls (this one might need supervision)
    1. Hang a sheet or have your children aim at a fence or other easily cleanable surface
    2. Make balls of mud and see who:
      • Has the best aim
      • Can throw the farthest
      • Can make the biggest splatter


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