Bathtime Toy Sensory Bin

Hands of a toddler holding blue sponge with bathtub on the background

Bathtime Sensory Game For Toddlers

Make bathtime fun with a water sensory toy bin.


Water sensory bins are always a fun time for children, and this activity never fails to entertain! The bonus is, that all your child’s toys are clean at the end of the fun!


  • Big, plastic tub/container/sensory bin
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Scrubbies (scrub brushes, sponges, bath loofahs, whatever you can think of)
  • Plastic toys


  1. Depending on your location and potential boisterousness of your little, it might be best to do this activity outside.
  2. Fill the plastic tub/container/sensory bin with water and some dish soap
  3. Add the toys and scrubbies
  4. Let your little one go to town!


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