Creative Self Portraits

Make a Self Portrait: Ages 5+

A self-portrait is always a great way to capture a child’s attention; after all, it’s an “all about me” kind of project, and what little kid doesn’t like that? It also allows for fine motor skill development, as they will be ripping and cutting paper, as well as gluing and coloring their self-portrait.


 Construction Paper – both for background and for head/body
 Glue/glue sticks
 Miscellaneous craft supplies for decoration


  1. Have the children cut out a pattern for the head and body (they may need an adult’s help for this).
  2. Put out buttons, yarn, Popsicle sticks, felt, little wooden shapes, feathers, etc.
  3. Students must use these materials to create their self-portraits.
  4. Of course, draw on any small details if you wish.
  5. Be creative in the ways you use your materials.


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